Welcome to CritterWatch!

critter noun: crit·ter \ˈkri-tər \ – a peculiar, unusual and frequently tiny marine creature of immense fascination to scuba divers

A weekly review of weird and wonderful sightings at Mike’s Dauin Dive Resort.

Everyone likes to see the big and spectacular marine creatures like whales, sharks, mantas, turtles and the like. Who doesn’t? However, not every dive is blessed with a visit from one of these magnificent animals, and when you start to cast your eyes downwards to the sand, grass, rocks or corals, you may see (with the help of our excellent guides….) some pretty small, but nonetheless spectacular creatures. These are critters, and the shores of Dauin and Apo Island are literally crawling with them.

Each week, we will share with you some of the many sightings of the beautiful, the not-so-beautiful, and the frankly weird critters to be found just under the waves. Please enjoy, comment, like and share!


4. Feeling crabby?

Feeling crabby? Quite often overlooked on the dive in preference to flashier species, crabs are very ancient, and some of the best camouflaged creatures in the sea, and are therefore very cool.  Decorator crabs adorn themselves with bits of…

3. Are Ghost Pipefish scary?

Are Ghost Pipefish scary? No, not really, unless you are an unsuspecting tiny crustacean. They are cousins of the Seahorse family, and they are very good at hiding in plain view, floating head down, and ambushing the poor little things that…

2. How do you find a Pygmy Seahorse?

How do you find a Pygmy Seahorse? The Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti) is one of the most difficult critters to find. They are smaller than a little fingernail, live on sea fans, and from their earliest stages of life, encourage the…

1. Octopus's Garden

Octopus's New Garden! An amazing variety of these 8-legged lovelies inhabit the sandy slopes of Dauin's shores. Here are just a few we've seen this week. Greater Blue-Ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena lunalata) Their venom is thought to be…